Friday, May 20, 2011

Suresh's New Toy

So Suresh got himself a new toy. Normally I would be a little mad about the price of the toy. But this time I am very proud of hubby dear. Not because the price was good or the product was good. Rather because of the time he waited and the reason he waited.

Suresh and I went through a Dave Ramsey course on Financial Peace ( about 2 years ago through our church. I really liked it. I would not say I am an avid follower or Dave Ramsey is 'the' man but there were things we learnt that if followed definitely will help giving Financial peace. He also has a biblical spin on things starting with generous giving and even talking about not being in debt! (Pslam 37:21)

While we were not in any serious debt... following some tips from the class we paid off our cars ... a mortgage in India and were to a certain extent debt free. But I have seen a lot of people go for classes/ counseling (marriage... financial... and others) and then conveniently forget about it or not follow rules. I thought the same would happen to us. Come two years we would be back where we started. Especially in some of the smaller stuff like controlled buying or buying new cars because we had no car payments.

This toy purchase of Suresh's is an indication that we have not yet forgotten! Suresh bought a D7000 Nikon after much thought and waiting. We have a Fuji (8 years old) that works perfectly well .. click pictures, takes videos and performs normal camera functions. Suresh has desired to have a SLR camera since Isaac got into motion. However he patiently waited. Once or or twice he mentioned that the videos we took were not of great quality and that an SLR would be nicer. Then he would correct himself saying we had a video camera (a Panasonic miniDV) that we never used and sat back on the idea of an SLR. About a month ago, during basement clean up I discovered the Panasonic sitting sad in a little bag and asked Suresh if I could sell it.(another Dave Ramsey tip ..not exactly but inferred by us). Suresh gave me the Ok and we got a buyer on Craigslist. It wasn't a whole lot but when the buyer left I passed the money over to Suresh and said " Here put this towards the Nikon buy" A month goes by and no Nikon in sight.. I finally say "Get the camera please"

He has spent the past 5 hours clicking pictures of Isaac (in motion) and blinding the rest of us!

I hope one day to teach Isaac some of these valuable lessons about being moderate and thrifty.

I am not sure how long Financial peace will last or how long we can follow biblical principles to stay debt free ... but for right now I am enjoying it.