Sunday, January 31, 2016

Classic Conversation - Ziva's world

It has been ages since I have written something. Its not that I dont have anything to write. But there just does not seem to be enough time in the day to school, work, bake, stitch and then write.

This morning I decided to start school in a fun way. Painting! It's always a hit in the Joel household. Paper and colors and lots of glitter and brushes. But soon the two munchkins were all over the basement pulling out toys.
Me  - I was dragging my feet. I have been having this very bad dry cough since about a week. It seemed a great time to just lay around and so I rolled over to the carpet where  Z and I were playing and flopped on my back
Me: I am not feeling well. Z can you check what is wrong with me?
Z comes over and places her hand over my chest for a few seconds. Then with a very grave face she turns to me.
Z: Amma you have a broken heart and a dry cough!!

LOL. It was just too funny. And of course Z was very happy to heal mommy's broken heart with her comical conversations!