Monday, March 31, 2014

Keeping it equal - The sibling story

I always feel that everything should be equal between Isaac and Ziva. When Suresh opened a bank account for ISaac. I made sure one was opened for Ziva and when he dumped in some money into Isaac's account, I made sure he put in something into Ziva's account. It did not matter that both amounts just got swept off into FD's with high yields for Mom and Dad. It had to be equal! What if Ziva opened the bank account statement one day and saw the discrepancies in the amounts! Yes - I am paranoid. And Yes I am overestimating my little ones capabilities (or shrewdness). And Yes it does seem that somewhere in my childhood, I may have been scarred as the neglected/forgotten second daughter.

My councellor/ physcologist friends if you think I am over analyzing read below.
If I go to buy clothes for Isaac, I will buy at least one small thing for Ziva -- may it be even a bloomer! If I stitch Ziva a new dress ... I stitch Isaac a new vest.

When Isaac started Art class and I was feeling really bad of always leaving Ziva  at home with the maid. So I started a 'Mom and me' - Toddler program where Ziva and I could go and spend two hours together once a week at a play group. I was so determined that it be a Ziva and me 'only' time that on the last class when Ziva's teachers suggested I should bring Isaac along, I paused, thought and then refused saying this was special for Ziva.

I recently got the sonlight cirriculum and there was a workbook in it. So Ziva is going to get all of Isaac's second hand books. Now there is a workbook set in there. To keep things equal, I decided to make copies of this and use bound Xeroxes for both of them and keep the original as a reference.

I know its getting crazy right! But I only realized how crazy I am today! I got some groceries ordered in - and one item was a Chocos cereal box and with it came a 'Magic spoon'. I looked at the box and almost came upstairs to order another box with the hope that I would get one more 'Magic spoon'- It had to be equal. I stopped half way through ordering and started typing this blog!

The craziness has to end. I can be equal in another way. At least with things that are common to both Isaac and Ziva.

So tomorrow when we eat Chocos, they will both get bowls of milk and Chocos and ONE Magic spoon. Isaac will get one use of the spoon and then Ziva will get one use. And thus we shall learn to share everything possible (including cooties from each other mouth - if it helps Amma's insanity with equality)

Now the question rises - who should get to use it first.

Please pray for me as I approach this new phase of insanity.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A maze of questions : Quotes from Isaacland

Entering the new phase of life, Isaac now loves doing mazes. He loves tracing it with his finger and helping people and things find their way about. So I thought I would encourage this new interest. I printed out a bunch of mazes and there was one with a Pilgrim and a turkey.

Me: Isaac can you help the Pilgrim get to the turkey. See its thanksgiving and the pilgrim wants to eat the turkey
Isaac: No

So let me just elaborate - this turkey has feathers and a beak and looks all pretty whereas Isaac is used to seeing (in pictures) turkeys without the feathers or the face and roasted to a beautiful brown.

Me: Why Isaac? Pilgrims must eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
Isaac: No! Its bad to eat the turkey. It will get hurt

Me: Isaac do you like chicken
Isaac: Yes
Me: Do you  like eating chicken
Isaac: Yes
Me: Like that - the Pilgrim loves to eat Turkey
Isaac: NO!

A day later we were walking outside the gates and there were a couple of chickens walking about with feathers and head and all.
Appa: Isaac shall we eat that chicken (He had heard about our conversation the previous day)
Isaac: No appa!
Appa: Why Isaac?
Isaac: Because we must only buy chicken from the shop

I think a visit to the slaughter house is due!

Adam and Eve: Quotes from Isaacland

So Dad has taken up bible reading to Isaac and Ziva every morning. Last morning it was the story of the first sin. So he reads about Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden. Then comes the snake and the fruit. And finally Adam and Eve get thrown out of the garden of Eden.

Appa: Isaac why did Adam and Eve have to leave the Garden

Isaac: Because there were too many snakes

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eating me up - Quotes from Isaacland

So I have been having major writers block and as a result have a lot of blogs in my 'draft' section but am not able to get it over to 'Published'. But here is one from the boy that makes me laugh so often!

So Isaac and I are looking at a book. Sometimes its hard to get him to stop flipping the pages and now I just start randomly reading things on a page he stops to stare at.
We happened to stop at a page where there was something about Hawaii.

And of course I had to gloat to my 4 year old
Me: Isaac you know Amma, Appa and Isaac have been to Hawaii
Isaac: No I have been to Mexico (I think he is going to gloat about that trip he took at age 1 year and 6 months forever)
Me: Yes Isaac and you also have been to Hawaii. You were in Amma's stomach!

I finally get his attention and now I am scared of how I will explain to him on how he got in my stomach. Well with him I guess I can go the test-tube route!

Isaac: You ate me Amma?

Lesson done!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sugar's story - My first attempt at writing my own story

As part of my Kathalaya training course last month, we were asked to write and enact our own stories. Here is what I wrote and boy was I a drama queen when I enacted it!
My props were : Dupattas of various colors (White for sugar, brown and black for chocolate and various other colors for lollipop), Sugar , Chocolate (milk and bitter) and  lollipops :)



How the Lollipop got its shape!
Once upon a time a long long ago there lived a lovely lady called Sugar. She was always dressed in white and her skin dazzled in the sun. She looked like the snow. She was a very kind and sweet lady. Wherever she went she would spread joy and happiness. People loved talking to her,. Children loved playing with her. But Sugar had one problem.


Chocolate was Sugar's twin sister. Chocolate and sugar were alike in a lot of ways. Chocolate also was a very nice lady and she was also kind and people also loved her. But every time Sugar was around Chocolate became bitter. She was acutally a beautiful brown color but every time she saw Sugar she would turn black in color. She was also never kind to Sugar.

One day Sugar and Chocolate were invited to a party. Now Chocolate was standing talking to a few people and playing with a few children when Sugar arrived. And a few children ran to Sugar to play with her. Chocolate was so mad. Even though there were people talking to her she felt like everyone was running and talking to Sugar. So she decided she would go say a few things to Sugar. 
'Well well Sister , if it isnt you again. Same boring you.'
Sugar just smiled. ' Look at me I am dark brown today, I was light brown yesterday. Tomororw I may be another color. But you . White white white! So boring. People taste you and you are gone. You are so small. If there is very little left of you they just dust you off their hands. But me ... people love me! Even if there is very little left of me on their hands they will lick me off. They cannot just dust me off! I can take so many different shapes. Hearts and triangles and balloons...just by squishing me in their hands. But you if we try to melt you either you will become liquid ... or you will become hard!

Sugar started to cry and ran away. She was very sad. Sugar had a favorite place... It was a place she could only look at and never go to. That was the fire place. But today she was so sad that she ran and sat next to her favorite place. And she was so sad that she did not realized that she was melting and slowly slipping away around tha place. She even turned a little brown and sticky! When she stopped crying she was all over the place... small puddles of Sugar everywhere.

Now this is where I come in. Who am I ... yes yes .. I am the storyteller.... but I am also the confectioner. 

I work with both Sugar and Chocolate. I love both Sugar and Chocolate. I think they are both unique and beautiful. I decided that Sugar need a little bucking up. Strengthening .. toughening up. I had seen all that Chocolate had done. So I walked up to Sugar. Picking up all her pieces.

'See Sugar. You may be sticky but when you are sticking its so easy to work with you. And because you are so small .. it is also quick to work with you. You melt like that (snap finger) and are so ready then to be shaped into anything.'

'Anything! 'Sugar said....
Yes lets see ... we can make you into a sqaure or a rectangle ... but I think the best shape for you would be a round circle ... because then it would mean you have a center.... one point that is just the sweetest.
And so what if you are white. I can put so many colors on you. Pink and blues and greens and reds... and If you are int a fun mood... alll colors together... And the best of all... when people taste you they will go ... pop... pop... And if I put you on this stick ... no one will dust you off their hands.! Sugar said ' Why a stick?'. Because then people will keep licking and licking till they finish you and then they will keep licking the stick and chewing it .. thinking about you.

And from that day onwards ... Sugar loved being popped .. .. lollipoped!

And Chocolate ... I made her such that every time she was without Sugar ... she would turn bitter!