Friday, June 20, 2014

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For father's day I wrote a blog on mycity4kids as part of a competition.

As I was writing this blog ... I really wanted a good photograph of the kids with Suresh and I went on a hunting mission. It was really hard to find. Probably because Suresh is the photographer in the family and I find the camera way to heavy. As I managed to find two that has Isaac and Ziva at the same age ... i.e. JUST BORN and put it on the blog, Isaac walked in. And so I started showing him pictures of when he was little and Ziva walked in. And I started showing her pictures of when she was little. And then we went into videos. I soon realized that we had spent almost an hour just looking at home videos of my first born and then my second born and then the bonding between the two of them as they grew up. I also has tons of me looking very good. :)
But there were very few of the man behind the camera with the kids - note to self - click more pictures of Suresh with the kids.
Why do I write this note to myself? Well every afternoon since that one afternoon, Isaac has been asking to see pictures of  'When Isaac was a baby' and 'When Isaac was reading to Ziva'
I guess if years later anyone (and by anyone I mean a teenaged Isaac and Ziva) complains Suresh didn't spend 'quality' time with the kids I have tons of photograph with the eyes of Appa looking through the lens trying to capture every ounce of cuteness there is!

I used to complain that Suresh clicked too many pictures when all I wanted to do was walk along and finish the chore we had set out on.  But this past week I am very  grateful for the numerous pictures clicked by Suresh! Thank you again!

My favorite of the three of us taken by Suresh is the one the mycity4kids website with me in the hospital robe new mom to 'TWO' babes ...

Here are a few other favorites!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Jab T.O. - 'To' hota hai Aur D.O. - 'DO' hota hai - Toh - G.O. - GO kyun hota hai --- GOO kyun nahi hota - Quotes from Isaacland

No No we are not learning Hindi at home. Its just that the current phase in Isaac and my life reminds me of Dharmendra's dialogue in Chupke Chupke.

 Jab T.O. - 'to' hota hai Aur D.O. - 'DO' hota hai - Toh - G.O. - GOOO kyun hota hai

We have entered a new phase with Isaac. He wants us to spell everything and anything we try to speak with each other in code language - aka spell it out - he wants to know it or tries to guess it .
It started with me spelling S.O.D.A. and Isaac figuring it out phonically. It got so bad that soon Ziva was saying - Amma I want to make S.U.S.U!!!

But English is a funny and annoying language and while we have talked about sight words - Isaac does not always accept all of them.
The first challenge 'Vulture' .... He insists it is spelt 'Vulcher'. Now after a few weeks he says am spell 'VULTURE' and refuse to use the 'ch' sound in the word!! Yikes!
Then came 'MOTHER' ... he insisted it was wrong. He insisted it was 'MODER'!

No we have just started telling him 'Isaac its a sight word. And that's the way its spelt!'

Here is another challenge 'School'. For some reason he loves the 'ch' sound and so we get - S - ch - ool!!!

English is a funny language! And for you Amitabh Bachchan fans -- let me leave you with this.