Friday, January 9, 2015

Classic Ziva - Ziva's world

She is a 'Vayadi' - i.e. jabber mouth. She can go on for hours non-stop. She will douse you with questions without needing answers. She will talk about anything and everything.
That's my girl and she definitely does not get that characteristic from me. i.e. Talking! I keep telling Suresh that comes straight from Patti Amma Kalyani who could go on talking.
At the dinner table one evening
Ziva: Jabber Jabber Jabber
Me: Ziva! Less talking more eating.
A few nights later we are going to bed and
Ziva: Jabber Jabber
Suresh: Ziva! Less talking more sleeping

Silence. A few seconds of peace and I remember I had to tell Suresh about something that happened in the day.
Me: Suresh you know what happened...
Ziva: Amma less talking more sleeping
Laughter ... squeals ... hugs!